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Our Capabilities

As leaders in the use of mechanized tree dismantling equipment, we can handle complicated, small work spaces. Our crane truck can access sites which aerial bucket trucks may not get into and work from, not to mention the 83 feet of boom allows our grapple saw to reach nearly 90 feet in the air or 80 feet to the side at a nearly horizontal boom angle. The multiple articulation points and boom extensions enable our grapplesaw to navigate over and under obstacles during the tree removal process. Our log loader is also equipped with a tilting grapplesaw permanently mounted to a boom that allows unrivaled reach to the side and vertical reach. These two together enable us to remove trees in a safer manner and with less mess than conventional methods. And we can do it faster and with fewer workers.

Sometimes we can position our own knuckleboom crane with grapple saw close to a tree in a backyard and work in a situation where other companies would need to hire a very large crane (and incur a very large crane rental expense) to remove the same tree. In these instances we can be more economical than other companies.

Our tilting Mecanil grapple saws allow us to safely and confidently remove problem trees (dead or other problems) in difficult places and our experience provides a background and base of knowledge to make good decisions while completing the work.

Small Team, Big Work Accomplished
Trust The Leaders Since 2016
When you want a true expert for tree removal Not only are we experienced, capable and confident, we are also respectful and courteous in all aspects to you, your tree, property, neighbors & neighbor's property.
Our huge tree was right in the middle of many buildings, and only Ben's amazing equipment could take this tree down without any damage. Cari J.
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